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LANDMARK DECISIONS INC. - is pleased to be joining the CAM-I family after a number of years of participation at a variety of CAM-I sponsored events. Derek Sandison, a well-known “CAM-I regular” has recently joined Landmark and will continue to spearhead efforts around performance and business process management. Mike Haley, President of Landmark also brings considerable experience in the areas of “performance alignment” and process cost management. We look forward to supporting CAM-I mission!- Mike Haley

BANK OF AMERICA - Don Carlson – Senior Vice President CAM-I’s combination of thought leadership in cost management, process management, performance management creates a unique opportunity and value proposition for enterprise data and information management.

STELLARGY SERVICES LLC - Gary Young Stellargy Services decided to join the association for several reasons. First, as a IT service delivery company, we want to remain abreast of the new ideas and processes for improving our company’s performance and our clients. The obvious foundational pillar of CAM-I objectives. Secondly, to create relationships with the CAM-I members in order to discuss problems, and solutions that may help with operational improvement and revenue growth for all parties.

BRUSHFIRE, INC. - Gail Darling I joined CAM-I because of the opportunities it brings each member to meet one another and discuss effective management tools and best management ideas and practices that can lead to manage costs, processes and performance and the overall success of a company. The networking opportunities to learn in a “like-minded” group adds to the ROI on time and investment

DRESSER-RAND - Committed to building reliable, energy efficient rotating equipment, primarily for the oil and gas market. More than 100 years of experience, with proven solutions world- wide.

Keith Hallin- Director, Program Management Office

CAM-I has always focused on elevating organizational capability in Cost, Process and Performance Management, however much of what CAM-I is focused on is development of advanced methods, tools and practices, to enable companies to provide for FUTURE sustainable competitive advantage. The uniqueness of the CAM-I collaborative environment ensures that development efforts are focused on company areas of interest and provides for the ability to work collaboratively with some of industries best subject matter experts. This process provides for the development of content-rich deliverables and industry relationships that will last a lifetime. CAM-I …. Truly a place where people come for the content
and stay for the people.

NAVISTAR - Navistar is a leading manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, RVs, defence vehicles and engines.

Elaine Jones – President, Targeted Financial Solutions, LLC, previously with Navistar

We joined CAM-I for the training primarily. CAM-I target costing trainers took 30 of my employees through an all-day Target Costing training class. That foundation then allowed me to launch an initiative of improvement with the truck group. In two years we took the status of our product development programs from 25% of the programs being on target to 40% of the programs being on target. I would not have been able to realize that much improvement without the help of CAM-I. 15% more of the products we launched achieved targeted cost and profit objectives. This resulted in an improvement in product cost of about $25 million.


Shiva Verma - Principal

Grant Thornton has been a long time member of CAM-I, and based on the value we have gained from our participation, we have encouraged our clients and affiliates to join the Consortium. Our active participation and leadership in CAM-I has helped us stay abreast of best and next practices in Cost, Performance and Process Management. We have used the collaborative research format to contribute to and learn from practices at member organizations. We have applied our learning’s from CAM-I to develop solutions for our Federal clients that address their most complex issues. A major component of our solution design is the application of public and private sector best practices gained through our association with CAM-I. Grant Thornton’s thought leadership in the Federal arena is bolstered by our association with CAM-I. CAM-I has helped us strengthen our relationships with our business partners and has been a tremendous asset in growing and developing our practitioners. As a public accounting firm, the CPE credits for participation in quarterly meeting is a bonus!

SAS INSTITUTE INC.SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market.

Tony Adkins – Principle Product Manager, Cost and Profitability

As a longtime member of CAM-I SAS finds tremendous value from the networking opportunities, vast body of knowledge and cutting edge industry led, collaborative research.  All from the only organization (CAM-I) dedicated to being the Global Leader in Cost, Process and Performance Management.  Our company and customers use the management tools, techniques and methods to understand and manage their organizations.

WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION - Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances.

Bill Dummer – Senior Project Manager (now with Navistar as Manager, Product Costing and Analysis)

While tailored specifically to Whirlpool, Target Costing at Whirlpool is a direct application of the process developed by the CAM-I Target Costing Interest Group. The combination of proven industry best practices has significantly reduced the process "learning curve" at Whirlpool. The CAM-I Target Costing Process has clearly facilitated immediate successes in new product launches and reducing costs of existing ones.

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS - Known as TI, is an American global company that designs and makes semiconductors based in Dallas, Texas.

Alan Vercio – Manufacturing Methods Finance

I used the CAM-I process to learn more about capacity measurement (1). This learning resulted in a global “Get the Red Out (Get non-productive capacity out)” training program that was one of a few key methods used by the Manufacturing Methods team to improve productivity across all factories and achieve over $2B in productivity. Reference CAM-I’s Capacity Measurement and Improvement for what qualifies as red, yellow, and green capacity states.


Alan Vercio – Strategic Cost Measurement Manager

Operational Transparency precedes financial transparency (per CAM-I’s Operational and Cost Measurement Assessment Guide). This enabled successful implementation of a horizontal end-to-end process management pilot which resulted in 30% improvement in operations.

ARKONAS - A management consulting firm specializing in Performance Management.

John Miller – President

The CAM-I learning (especially Activity Based Costing) has been applied in most of our client consulting engagements. List of companies include Acxiom Corp, Cargill America’s Marketing Group, Fort Dix, Defense Logistics Agency, Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and a dozen more. The basic tool we used in all engagements is the CAM-I Cross (the standard for implementing Activity Based Costing).

ALTA MANAGEMENT JAPANA consulting firm specialized in Target Costing and Strategic Cost Management in Japan.

Hirokatsu Hibino – President

We have joined CAM-I as a regular member because of its world-wide reputation on target costing research and publications. We are excited to participate in CAM-I’s activities in target costing and make contribution to the advancement of target costing. As CAM-I is gaining international reputation on process analysis and cost management, I expect to see more Japanese companies joining CAM-I in the future.


Stephen Connair - Director of Economics and Business Management

While the Air Force has obtained real benefit from its CAM-I membership since 2000, the main benefits of membership have been keeping up with best practices in industry, government, and academia, and the whole perspective of an integrated approach to cost, performance, process, and risk management, which makes CAM-I unique. The networking opportunities have also been a great benefit. One example is the Memphis meeting a couple of years ago where we toured FEDEX and met some of their leadership. I was later able to discuss with their aircraft maintenance leaders how they managed their contracts for maintenance of their large fleet of wide-body jets. I was able to recommend some of their best practices to the highest level of Air Force leadership.


Steve Porter – Director, ABI Division

About ten years ago, the USPTO realized that Activity Based Costing (ABC) was a useful discipline for an organization 100% funded by customer fees. Since CAM-I was at the forefront in research and collaboration in implementing activity-based costing principles, the USPTO began attending CAMI conferences and workshops to learn how to use ABC and eventually became a CAMI member. Today, the USPTO uses ABC in many fundamental processes such as: budget formulation, financial statement preparation, performance reporting, fee setting, process improvement, and business decision making. The USPTO is widely considered a federal leader in ABC and has provided help to many federal agencies during their ABC implementations. Currently the USPTO participates in the Process Management and Target Costing groups at CAMI. CAMI membership continues to be a wise investment for the USPTO.

PILBARA GROUP, INC. - A consulting and software company specializing in the development of cost, performance and predictive models.

Anthony Pember – CEO

We (Pilbara Group) use CAM-I to great effect all the time. We do not give clients CAM-I materials but we often use CAM-I materials and methodologies as the basis of our solution for our clients. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give specific examples with client names as in order to do that I would need to contact the client and ask if I could do so.
However, as examples:

  • Whenever we do ABC work for our clients we utilize CAM-I methodologies and best practices.
  • More often than not we use the CAM-I cross and much of the work done by CAM-I outlining ABC.
  • We often refer to the Performance Management Maturity Framework as well as the Customer Profitability work.
  • Interestingly we are getting many clients interested in the convergence of process and costing so we are starting to leverage the process work when we build process based cost models (really not that vastly different from activity based models).
  • Lastly, we always refer to CAM-I in any of our proposals to prospective clients. While this tactic does not leverage CAM-I’s body of knowledge, it associates us with CAM-I in a positive way. It is designed to reinforce Pilbara’s commitment to being on the cutting edge of research in our field. I think it helps us when it comes to winning proposals.



Dave Robinson – Business Manager, Fleet Area Arm

Over a period of ten years, interaction with a variety of Interest Groups and CAM-I members have enabled the Royal Australian Navy's Fleet Air Arm to:

  • Refine its Performance Management Framework. The framework continues to be critical to on- going improvement activity and corporate knowledge sharing/retention within the group;
  • Implement and sustain a Continuous Improvement culture that has, and is programmed to make, savings in excess of 10% of its logistics budget per year (for a period of 6-7 years); and importantly develop and publish the Integration White Paper which is currently being used to guide wider Navy in  the creation a framework that will effectively link and employ the necessary management methodologies, people, processes and information to increase the success rate of initiative implementation and  sustainment.



Jean Meeks-Koch, PH.D., MAcc – CEO

CAM-I is an organization that I felt could give me an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues who are out-of-the box thinkers. Immediately, I was immersed into dynamic conversations from an amazing pool of intellectual thought leaders looking to make a difference in organizational performance. That is what CAM-I is all about; exploring and developing ideas that make a difference in performance.

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