CAM-I Medium Size Corporate Membership and Benefits

The Corporate Annual Membership covers all departments and offices for the entire corporation or entity (nationally and internationally) and is to be paid in advance on the 1st day of the month of joining.

For the Membership, the organization receives:

A visit by the CAM-I President to identify any issues, challenges, or possible resolutions and the discussion of transfer of knowledge from the CAM-I intellectual property for one day in USA, Canada, South America, India and Europe.

  • Leverage communication with the CAM-I help to discuss the approach and methodology other members have taken in various areas internationally.
  • Training by a subject matter expert at the site in USA. The training is given by a member company representative who has applied the approach.
  • Direct participation and collaborative work with CAM-I members and all current Projects or Special Interest Groups in UK and USA. Can send up to six people to the quarterly meetings, and UK meetings.
  • Participation in USA Quarterly meeting participation (two half days in USA) by two meetings in United Kingdom. Participation by WebEx or Go to Meetings available for members.
  • Access to CAM-I portal - this is a repository of practical proven advanced management methods and tools. The portal provides all past and present deliverables and current member contact information.
  • One copy of CAM-I books.
  • Seat at the Members’ Forum meeting as a management representative. This is a group of representatives from member companies and academia, involved in decision making. This is also a vehicle to start any new projects or special interest group.

Return on Investment - CAM-I members have proven revenue generation and cost savings by application of the CAM-I best practices. Member analysis and case studies have been used to document these profitability improvements which members will directly communicate with the new members.

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CAM-I 2021 Meetings

  • May 19 - 20 2021, Ministry of Defense, Abbey Wood, Bristol, UK
  • June 7 - 9 2021, Venue TBD
  • September 13 - 15 2021, Alexandria, Virginia
  • October 11 - 12 2021, United Kingdom
  • December 6 - 8 2021, Austin, Texas