CAM-I Awards

Distinguished Contributions and Excellence in Collaboration Award.

  • 2022 March 2022 – Mr. Rob Young, Head of Finance & Accounting Function, Department of Defence, Distinguished Contributions and Excellence in Collaboration Award
  • 2021 September Craig A Spisak, (US Army) contribution for ten years
  • 2019 May Pamela Henderson (US Army) Thank You.
  • 2019 – Lauren Pashia (The Boeing Company) 4 years of Leadership as CAM-I Industry Chair
  • 2018 June - Jennifer Hills (King County) Greg Wallig (Grant Thornton) for Distinguished Contributions and Excellence in Collaboration
  • 2018 March Grant Thornton - Appreciation award In recognition of years of active corporate and significant contributions to CAM-I.

Robert A. Bonsack Award

  • 2017 – Dan Swenson ASU - Recognition for Distinguished Contributions and Excellence
  • 2014 - Lauren Caricato (Grant Thornton) Tony Adkins (SAS)
  • 2013 - Dave Robinson (Royal Australian Navy)
  • 2012 - Elaine Jones (Targeted Financial Solutions, LLC
  • 2011 – Clif Williams (Grant Thornton) Derek Sandison (Decimal Technologies)
  • 2010 – James Hendricks (The Boeing Company)
  • 2009 – Bob Misch (Grant Thornton)
  • 2008 – Bob Thames, John Miller
  • 2007 - Charlie Stirk
  • 2006 - Anton van der Merwe
  • 2005 - Pat Dowdle, Jerry Stevens
  • 2005 - Boeing as an organization – AICPA May 2005
  • 2004 - Mike Roberts, Dave Clifton
  • 2003 - Larry White
  • 2002 - Tami Capperauld, Ken Euske
  • 2001 - Ward Melhuish
  • 2000 - Dennis Daly, Pete Zampino
  • 1999 - Shahid Ansari, Margaret Weber, Dan Swenson
  • 1998 - Keith Hallin
  • 1997 - George Millush, Hal Buddenbohm
  • 1996 - Tricia Dears, Tim White
  • 1995 - Steve Player, Jim Cypher
  • 1994 - John Dutton
  • 1993 - Alan Vercio
  • 1992 - Frank Reynolds, Harry Bagley, Alan Stratton, Jack Meyers, Gary Cokins, Norm Raffish

Distinguished Contributions and Excellence in Collaboration Award.

A few years ago, this award has been given to as CAM-I is more than just cost management.


  • Candidates must represent a sponsor member, be an active academic, or be recognized by the organization as an SME
  • They must have contributed pioneering thought and work to any of the projects within CAM-I
  • They must have exhibited leadership when participating in projects or other initiatives
  • They must have demonstrated a passionate tie to CAM-I with an unselfish participation in CAM-I efforts and events
  • They must have pursued efforts to further the CAM-I reputation
  • They must have been called upon to serve in an advisory role to CAM-I members or staff
  • They must have contributed to production of a deliverable at CAM-I in the form of a book, paper, methodology or guide
  • They must have demonstrated an active involvement in CAM-I over a period of years


Robert A. Bonsack Award

Since 1992, CAM-I has honored the memory of Bob Bonsack, a leader and mentor to so many in Cost and Resource Management, with this annual award to recognize distinguished contribution in advancing the field of Cost Management. The profile of Robert A. Bonsack, for whom our annual award is named, is indeed long and distinguished, but what is important to note here is that he was an active and substantial pioneer in spearheading many project teams within his years of service to the CMS program of CAM-I in the late 1980’s.

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